The Ponitrianska stovka course with total distance of 105 km starts in Handlová, the finish place is located in Nitra.
The organizers recommend personal course survey (especially course passage Skýcov – Nitra) before the event.

Course (see also the online map on

Handlová => Tri studničky => own P100 marking to the signpost on yellow tourist mark => Krížkovce => Veľký Grič => Dierovce => Pod Bielym kameňom => Jarabá skala => Tri chotáre => Kanie studne => Malá Homôľka => Vtáčnik => Kláštorská skala => Rúbaný vrch => Tatra => Suchá hora => Sedlo pod Rajtokom => Veľké Pole => (partially with own P100 marking) Penhýbel => => Veľké Pole => (partially with own P100 marking) Brezov štál => Lukáčov štál => Jedľové Kostoľany => Skýcovský mlyn => Štál Javor => Skýcov => Sedlo Rakyta => Javorový vrch => Medvedí vrch => Sedlo pod Veľkým Tribečom => Veľký Tribeč => Babova dolina => Kostoľany pod Tribečom => Sedlo pod Gýmešom => Remitáž => Žirany => Pod Dlhou skalou => Pod Žibricou => Sedlo pod Žibricou => Trojchotár => Zobor => Sedlo pod Zoborom => Podhájska cesta => Nitra

(sedlo = saddle, dolina = valley, hora/vrch = mountain, skala = rock, studne = well springs)

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Course parameters

  • Total distance: 105 km
  • Total positive altitude change: +3920 m

Type of terrain

Very diverse – mostly forest or meadow foothpaths, stony paths (in Vtáčnik mountains), metalled roads, tracks/drivable tracks, tarmac paths and roads. Longer tarmac passages are between Veľké Pole and Penhýbel, at Krížne cesty,between Brezov štál and Jedľové Kostoľany and between Jedliny and Kostoľany pod Tribečom.

Live checkpoints (aid stations) positioning and planned time limits:

There will be also at least one unannounced live checkpoint. There will be no unstaffed checkpoints (like passwords, punches or similar). One missing checkpoint results in disqualification of the participant.

CP #LocationDistance from startAltitude gain from startTime limit
K1Veľký Grič10 km+630 m15.09.2018 until 09:30 CET
K2Jarabá skala19 km+1120 m15.09.2018 until 12:00 CET
K3Veľké Pole38 km+1580 m15.09.2018 until 17:00 CET
K4Jedľové Kostoľany53,5 km+1950 m15.09.2018 until 21:00 CET
K5Skýcov62 km+2200 m15.09.2018 until 23:15 CET
K6Sedlo Rakyta69 km+2550 m16.09.2018 until 01:15 CET
K7Jedliny84 km+3050 m16.09.2018 until 05:15 CET
K8Remitáž90 km+3250 m16.09.2018 until 06:45 CET
K9Zobor101,5 km+3920 m16.09.2018 until 10:00 CET

Checkpoints labelling

Live checkpoints will be marked with labels including checkpoint number, name of the place, distance, time limit and distance toand elevation to the next checkpoint including it’s time limit.

Significant summits

  • Veľký Grič (972 m)
  • Vtáčnik (1346 m)
  • Veľký Tribeč (827 m)
  • Zobor (587 m)


  • VKÚ 131 Vtáčnik, Horná Nitra
  • VKÚ 137 Tribeč, Pohronský Inovec, Topoľčianky

Course marking – standard tourist marks

The whole P100 course (with exemption of 4 short passages) is marked with standard tourist marking

  1. Tourist marks (red/amber/green/blue marks at tree trunks, rocks, stakes etc.)
  2. Tourist marks – arrows
  3. Tourist signposts

Course marking – special marking

In addition to the tourist marking there will be also special Ponitrianska stovka marking used:

  1. Red-white plastic ribbons – mostly where needed (long dostance between tourist marks, difficult orientation, imporatant turning points)
  2. Reflective marking (small pieces of silver reflective band at trees or masts)
  3. Labers and bike blinkers (especially close to the checkpoints)
  4. Arrows sprayed on asphalt (bright yellow or light green color)